Become an
Employee Owner

Highlight is Employee-Owned through our Employee Stock Ownership
Plan (ESOP). An ESOP is an employee benefit plan that gives ownership to
employees company-wide through shares of company stock. At
At Highlight we refer to our team members as “Employee Owners”
because together we share in the company’s growth and success.

According to NCEO, employees of ESOP-owned
companies make 5 to 12% more in wages and
have almost three times the retirement assets
as workers in similar non-ESOP companies.

Our Vision

The ESOP supports our founder and CEO's
long-term vision to provide flexible and
rewarding careers for dedicated individuals.
The ESOP helps us deliver on this vision by
providing employees the tangible reward of
ownership, which ties directly back to our
team's hard work. The time you spend with
Highlight is an investment, and we want
you to reap the rewards of your investment
in your retirement.

Employee Benefits

The ESOP is another source of retirement
savings and wealth-building for our
employees. It rewards our employees who
help build the company by providing
economic equity in the business. The
company contributes additional ESOP
shares to employees each year, with no
employee contribution required!

Learning for the Future

Highlight established our ESOP in 2021, and we are excited to be a part of the thriving ESOP community. We are committed to being an active part of this community by learning, contributing, and advocating alongside our fellow ESOP companies. Highlight is a corporate member of the National Center for Employee Ownership and The ESOP Association.

Did you know...

That there are over 6,500 ESOP owned companies covering 14 million participants

ESOPs trusts are tax-exempt, meaning profits can be reinvested into the company

ESOPs are qualified retirement plans, governed by section 401(a) of the U.S. Code

ESOPs are one of the most bipartisan business models, supported by both Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Rand Paul

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